Q and A for Niche Community Print Content Publishers

Q:How can I convert my niche community  content to mobile media?

A:Use ADAM’s Mobile Media Platform.

Q: How can I convert my print content quickly and at low cost?

A: Use ADAM’s Mobile Media Platform.

Q: How can I monetize my print content in the mobile universe?

A: Use ADAM’s Mobile Media Platform.


Our primary goal at ADAM is to monetize a publishers’ print content when it is converted to the digital universe using our powerful software Platform.  We work with print content providers to optimize their new “mobile” revenue sources by either licensing our software for a fee or by providing our ADAM “print to mobile” software platform on an equitable revenue sharing basis.

Customer Service

ADAM provides fast customer service for users of its software platform both by live chat and by email.  ADAM is also developing a comprehensive, searchable website that contains answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” that users will be able to access on their own 24/7.

Mobile Directories – Enterprise Level Software

ADAM will provide the mobile infrastructure for the new Multimedia Directories in numerous market niches as rapidly as possible.  Many new media products are quickly becoming commodities, like web sites in the late 1990s.  Developing enterprise level mobile software is a very difficult task and ADAM has successfully done that with its proven software Platform.

ADAM’s Feature Rich Software

ADAM’s software products are far more feature rich than other applications, and not easy to replicate.  The small to mid size market players in publishing are adopting our technology, both for its low cost of entry and its speed to market.  Our team has expertise on how to market our apps, how to sell ads on our apps, and how to create an environment that is attractive to our clients’ customers.

ADAM’s Target Markets

Our target markets are the niche community segment of mobile information.  Each of our Apps acts as an interactive mobile directory, using tools such as social media, advocacy, discounts, events, location, and profiles to create “stickiness” to encourage constant interaction with customers.

ADAM’s Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our immediate ability to offer our mobile technology on multi-platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Android and most Blackberry devices, and to take our Location Based Mobile Directory Platform to new markets quickly and at low cost. ADAM’s Software Platform ADAM’s Platform, which includes mobile web, will grow to dominance with improvements in hardware and software technologies as more consumer bandwidth and faster processors become available over the next few years.  Instead of trying to build revenues from scratch with each App, ADAM is strategically partnering with print directory publishers whose ad revenues are shrinking, and who realize that to hold and grow their advertising revenues they must adapt mobile technology.

How ADAM Transfers Your Niche Communty to the Mobile Universe

ADAM signs an agreement with you to use the ADAM Platform.The agreement outlines how the Platform will be used, how it will be promoted, and how it will be maintained.

  1. ADAM provides your team with 20 hours of tech support and walks you through a password secured administration panel that controls and powers the ADAM Platform.  You can update your content as often as you wish, including daily offers to your customers.
  2. Your team inputs your content to the ADAM Platform from your own databases.  Our ADAM portal allows you to input your data in bulk or one at a time.  ADAM walks you through the steps for making your first bulk import and shows you how to make changes to any part of your content that ADAM holds on our secure servers.
  3. You customize your content to meet your requirements.  You can
    allow your mobile displays to show or not show any part of the
    content you want customers to see when they view the app on
    their smartphone or tablet.  ADAM will take the parts that you
    want shown and pull that content from your current software via
    ADAM’s API.
  4. ADAM trains the Client’s sales team on how to sell ads on their mobile content.  ADAM provides training to the Client’s marketing and sales teams and shows the teams how to optimize advertising sales on this new mobile media.
  5. The Client’s advertising clients can use push notifications to their customers.  ADAM trains Clients on how to do this.

Client Services

ADAM provides its clients with a wide range of services to make it easy for print publications to enter the new mobile universe.  These ADAM services include:

Ad sales training

Our team has worked directly with digital, phone, and in-person ad sales reps to help them understand the best ways to quickly and accurately pitch mobile ads to their clients. We have helped generate copy, graphics, and strategies that have proven to lead to the industry with successful sales.

Training Documents & Videos

Your product is only as good as your customers and staff think it is.  We help your team with materials including user guides, how to videos, and power point demos that greatly improve the adoption of the ADAM app by all staff members and customers.

Promotional Materials

Launching your new app is a big opportunity to increase your brand image and  recognition.  We have helped our clients obtain over 40 new media outlets and package ads to be displayed throughout their local communities.  From press releases, to printed ads, billboards, radio, blogs, and Internet videos.  We know how to leverage your new app to help you get your brand out in your community!

Legal Agreements

ADAM has legal documents needed for strategic partnerships, ad sales, and software licenses.  We provide your company with the required legal documentation.

Licenses and Revenue Sharing

ADAM provides your company with an app at launch that needs little or no cash out of your pocket.  We have worked both licenses and revenue sharing models with clients and seen great success for both parties.  Ask how ADAM can help you get started now.


Been there, Done That.  Our ADAM team is built with seasoned entrepreneurs who have experience in the publishing, software, financial, and mobile markets.  Let us help you get started and avoid the mistakes we have seen made over the years.  We have a team that is available for mentoring.

Live Chat (Help for your ad sales team)

Our password protected administration panel is set up with a live chat support tool. We can be reached with one click of your mouse to answer any of your questions. The best part is that WE answer your questions, not a 3rd party offshore team

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